Andrew Scholotiuk is an award winning Producer at Avatar Media Andrew Scholotiuk is a Producer and has produced numerous feature films most recently 40 Below & Falling 3D (2015) starring Jewel Staite. 40 Below or A Frosty Affair for it’s USA release, was honoured with a Lumiere Award from the Advanced Imaging Society, other recipients included The Martian and Pixar’s Inside Out. His first feature Baby Blues (2008) had the the highest per-screen-average opening weekend in North American theatres; I Think I Do (2013) staring Mia Kirsher and Sarah Canning which was sold into 25 countries and also aired on the W Network and Lifetime. Originating in theatre as a stage manager, Andrew worked with large performing groups on international tours including China, Ukraine and the USA. With a background in Post-Production Management and 12 years as a Director of Photography with 7 feature film credits Andrew now works as a producer for Edmonton based Avatar Media. The documentaries that he filmed have taken him across the USA, into England, Ukraine, Scotland and Ireland. Previously as a producer with 12pt Media and Rocky Mountain Picture Company he was worked with international companies like Coors Light, Cirque du Soliel, and Powerade. Andrew also assists the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta heading up two projects: FAVATV and FilmReel (an online app that connect’s all media art centers across Canada).